What Can Happen When You Don’t Wear Your Hearing Aids

We hear lots of stories about what happens when someone with hearing aids chooses not to wear them. Most of the stories give us a chuckle, but sometimes the result can be more serious. Maybe you can identify with some of these situations.

Restaurant Order Mix-ups

The background noise in a busy restaurant can sometimes make it difficult to decipher what the wait staff are saying. If you choose to dine out and leave your hearing aids at home, you might get some inquisitive looks from your waiter, or surprises on your plate when your food is delivered.

One woman told us that her husband often chooses to leave the house without his hearing aids. When dining out, she often must act as interpreter when the wait staff asks questions about an order. Recently, while dining out, her husband was asked whether he wanted soup or salad with his meal. His response? “Yes.”

This, of course, created a quizzical look on the waitress’s face. The husband recognized that something wasn’t right and turned to his wife for the required clarification. Other times, he has ended up eating a food order that he truly did not want, just because he didn’t want to ask the wait staff to continually repeat their statements.

Driving Without Hearing Aids

Driving without hearing aids is another frequent source of funny, and not so funny, stories. One gentlemen had been pulled over by the state highway patrol for exceeding the speed limit. Without his hearing aids, he had trouble understanding what the officer was saying. Thinking the officer was accusing him of going much faster than he was, he began to complain. After a few rounds of frustrating attempts at clarification, the officer handed him the ticket and said, “The ticket is only a $10 fine, but if you keep arguing with me, I’m going to change it to $80!”

Our question after hearing these stories is always – “Why weren’t you wearing your hearing aids?” The answers vary, but usually it is because they feel their hearing aids are causing more distortion to sound than clarity. That doesn’t have to be the case!

If you don’t feel your hearing aids are providing the help you need when driving, or in rooms with background chatter, please come in to see us. Your hearing aids may need adjustment, or you may need a different type of hearing aid altogether. Don’t settle for hearing aids you don’t want to wear. Give us a call at Chears Audiology. Let’s bring some clarity to your conversations.


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