A birthday Poem for Bao

“Bao- pronounced bow: meaning something special” WOW BAO!   Look in the front she’s a lady, she’s a professional, she’s wow Bao! She comes equipped with personality and flare, a foody if ever we’ve seen one before. Boa is a perfect asset to any office, with a collection of shoes’ that most women can only…
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A Hearing Test Explained

The process So, you have found yourself between unintelligible speech and wanting to be involved in the conversation. Congratulations, it’s time for a hearing test. I will attempt to explain what you can expect to experience, what will be tested and next steps for you to take in order to regain control of the conversations…
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Hearing aids Near me!

What do we need to consider for Hearing aids in Minnesota?  Do Minnesotans have different hearing needs than in other states?  Do we need to warm ours up or make sure they don’t freeze in the winter?  Our winters get so cold in Minnesota that when we breath in sometimes our nose stick together.  And…
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Older Hearing aid Technology does work!

Old Tech but Still Savvy! Can you successfully operate most of today’s new technology? How about yesteryears technology? I find it quite amazing how today’s generation can navigate some amazing gadgets but if they were given devices from a decade or two ago, their faces would resemble that of confusion and frustration. It’s even similar…
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Our Image of Self Will Remain: Hearing loss matters!

A POEM by Jeffery Bostic As we climb that latter of time things begin to change Our image of self, money, health and quite frankly our brains Holding on to what we can while coping with things lost Remembering the good old days and attempting to cease the moment left Our sense of sound begins…
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