My father passed away a few days ago. It was not unexpected, the end of almost ten years of decline. Of course, the emotions are complicated, but we are glad he is finally home with the Lord. The reason I am writing this blog is a surprising hearing-related event that put a little blessing into…
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Resound Wireless streaming

The sound quality of a Verso and even Alera hearing aid by GN Resound is fantastic. My patients are loving it the minute I put it on their ears. I hear that they are natural and clear. These patients even say they have great understanding in back ground noise. Two of these patients are engineers…
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The annoyance of Tinnitus

I have tinnitus in my right ear along with hearing loss. My ringing comes along out of no where very loud and my hearing fades away. Then it goes away as quickly as it comes in. When it occurs it interrupts my focus and stops me from doing what I am doing. On a level…
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Grandma and her friends

I just got back from St. Louis, MO and could not believe how noisy the dining area was for my grandma and her friends. None of them can hear the other. She wanted to introduce me to her friends as her oldest grand daughter from Minneapolis! So as I sit there she calls out "marge",…
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