A Mission Trip To Africa

I’m excited about something coming up soon for me—I’m going on a mission trip to Africa! I will be fitting hearing aids on deaf and hard-of-hearing children in Burkina Faso. My original motivation to become an audiologist was to help people with hearing loss. Last summer in a conversation at our church, I became of…
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If I Were A Rich Man

Last night I saw a great performance of Fiddler on the Roof at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater. Everybody knows the story, right? Tevye and his village of Anatevka are caught in the storm of change that is blowing across Russia in 1905. Tevye and his wife intend to marry off their five daughters in the…
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A Message from a patient

Hello Kim and Martha, or better said, hello my dear Kim and Martha. This is a note to tell you in the midst of a very busy life how much I miss coming to you and enjoying your fellowship (not the right word, let's say friendship) and relishing the needs for ear care that led…
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A great referral partner and former audiologist stopped by Chears yesterday. He showed us a thick notebook of clippings from his days in the hearing aid business, including many ads he had run. One headline caught my eye: “A Hearing Aid is Less Conspicuous than Your Hearing Loss.” This got me to thinking. We have…
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Will I be the school class audiologist now?

I went to my first high school reunion, the 30th, as I am finally in town and not pregnant as I was for the 20th---this last weekend. I was hoping although not sure I would recognize everyone as they sat frozen in my mind as youngsters. I have spoken to a few of my friends…
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