A Story by Elena

Hello, do you want to know what happened when I planted an apple seed? Well, nothing really happened. Actually, now I remember. It was a cool September evening and I had just planted a seed outside and nothing happened. I walked over to my mom and asked “when will may plant grow?” My mom who…
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The Rodeo

I took my kids and a friend to the Rodeo last month in Minneapolis. I had never been to one and was curious at what a rodeo is all about. Would there be people getting hurt, horses running wild, bulls with people standing in front of them with red capes? I had no idea what…
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A Mission Trip To Africa

I’m excited about something coming up soon for me—I’m going on a mission trip to Africa! I will be fitting hearing aids on deaf and hard-of-hearing children in Burkina Faso. My original motivation to become an audiologist was to help people with hearing loss. Last summer in a conversation at our church, I became of…
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If I Were A Rich Man

Last night I saw a great performance of Fiddler on the Roof at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater. Everybody knows the story, right? Tevye and his village of Anatevka are caught in the storm of change that is blowing across Russia in 1905. Tevye and his wife intend to marry off their five daughters in the…
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A Message from a patient

Hello Kim and Martha, or better said, hello my dear Kim and Martha. This is a note to tell you in the midst of a very busy life how much I miss coming to you and enjoying your fellowship (not the right word, let's say friendship) and relishing the needs for ear care that led…
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