Toddlers and Development: Developmental Delays or Ear Issue

Anyone who has a child understands the frustration that occurs when a child does not reach a milestone, whether it be hitting the growth chart at the appropriate level, saying his first word, or running across the hall. As a parent, our mind immediately goes to the worst case scenario which is typically some sort…
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Unilateral Hearing Loss (Hearing Loss In One Ear)

I have been thinking about blogging about unilateral hearing loss for a few weeks now. It has been on my mind as so many more people walking into Chears report having difficulty hearing in only one ear. And when tested, it is true, only one of their ears has a hearing loss. Just in March,…
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Editor’s Pick: Best Hearing Advocate

Audiologist Kim Fishman has more than 20 years of experience treating hearing loss, but her work goes beyond the personalized service and attention she gives her patients at Chears Audiology. For the last two years, as director of an organization called Loop Minnesota, Fishman has been working to increase the number of local businesses, places of…
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Why Wouldn’t You Get a Hearing Aid?

Two recent happenings have made me want to write this blog.  First, we had a patient come in to Chears the other day wanting some help with his hearing; reporting difficulty hearing and reports cupping his hands to his ears in meetings and other difficulties hearing.. and when he mentioned this to a doctor and…
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Hearing Loss Is In The Genes

The old adage of nature versus nurture can be applied to anything in the body and in the psyche, including hearing ability and hearing loss. Some people would have perfectly amazing hearing if not for their exposure to different elements such as loud music at concerts or in clubs or bars. Earphones, classified as nurture,…
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