The Newest Technology Today!

It is said that every three years there is a change of technology in our industry for hearing aids. Is that true? Well there are new releases from all companies every few years. Resound and Starkey have released hearing aids this last year that can interface with the iphone. The iphone has created technology in…
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2 Years with Chears

We just had a two year celebration here at Chears. The time has gone fast. Was it easy? NO way! Has it been all fun? Nope. For the most part, however, I have loved coming to work everyday, everyday everyday. I haven’t called in sick and I haven’t left early because I hate it here.…
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Drinking Coffee May Reduce Hearing Loss

I was checking out the latest top 100 on Billboard, and saw this.  Thought it was quite relevant and wanted to blog it for you. http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/6221455/drinking-coffee-may-reduce-hearing-loss-says-new-study
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A Story by Elena

Hello, do you want to know what happened when I planted an apple seed? Well, nothing really happened. Actually, now I remember. It was a cool September evening and I had just planted a seed outside and nothing happened. I walked over to my mom and asked “when will may plant grow?” My mom who…
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The Rodeo

I took my kids and a friend to the Rodeo last month in Minneapolis. I had never been to one and was curious at what a rodeo is all about. Would there be people getting hurt, horses running wild, bulls with people standing in front of them with red capes? I had no idea what…
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