Let’s get into LOOPING!

If you are like most people that sentence probably did not make any sense at all. Looping? Is it a dance? Something to do with knitting? Going around the block a few more times? Actually, I am referring to hearing loops, or audio induction loops, and this is a great technology that everyone ought to…
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Reasons to Visit Chears Audiology

I was thinking how Chears and myself are important in helping individuals hear better and all of the reasons to visit Chears.  I am very humble, however I was brought up by attorneys so I over think just about everything. I often self-reflect and reflect on the audiology field, which makes me wonder if what we do is of value…
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What is an ear infection?

Just this weekend I have up front and close experience with an ear infection. Since I don’t work with kids all the time anymore I don’t get to see them as often as I use too. Two nights ago my son was up all night reporting stuffed ear and thinking it was wax. In the…
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A Tour of the Airport

We took a Tour of the Airport hosted by Phil Burke, Director of MSP Operations & Administration and Alan Howell, R.A., Senior Airport Architect along with Steve Walsh. We learned all about the Hearing Loops that are going up in our very own MSP international airport. Excited news so stay tuned and stay in the…
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The Newest Technology Today!

It is said that every three years there is a change of technology in our industry for hearing aids. Is that true? Well there are new releases from all companies every few years. Resound and Starkey have released hearing aids this last year that can interface with the iphone. The iphone has created technology in…
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