Tis the Season… For Ear Plugs

The holiday season is wonderful! The sights, the smells, the sounds… they turn your day joyful immediately. However, as with all good things, moderation is key. Your body’s functioning requires moderation. Unfortunately, this can be in short supply over the holiday season. This only leads to a longer recovery period once the New Year begins,…
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My Parents Need Hearing Aids!

It is not unusual to hear people in their early twenties complain about how deaf their parents appear. Typically, this has more to do with speaking too fast or over-using slang words to tell a story. When a parent asks "what?" more than ten times, sometimes their child assumes he or she needs help hearing…
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The True Cost of Infant and Toddler Ear Issues

I’m a first time mom – sort of.  I have a stepson that I have known and loved for ten out of his thirteen years, but when it came to medical issues, his mom and dad were in charge. Therefore, I was unaware of all of the health issues that can occur and how one…
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The Life of DJ-ing Ruined my Hearing… Story by: Deb

Most people think about their hearing when going to a loud concert or a gun range. However, there are many other times when hearing can and will be affected permanently that are often ignored. For me, that situation was my life as a DJ. I was not a DJ at a loud club or even…
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Regular Hearing Tests and Your Overall Health

Anyone who has suffered some sort of hearing loss can tell you that experience alone is an unpleasant, sometimes life-changing event. However, many people do not understand that hearing loss may be an isolated health issue, or that it may indicate to or answer questions about a different health issue the patient may be experiencing.…
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