May is Better Hearing Month

May is better hearing month and Chears would like to get everyone hearing better! What can we do to help you? Do you need a fantastic hearing aid, a Bluetooth piece, a T-Coil, or a new phone? Throughout the month of May we will offer* $500 off a pair of hearing aids. We carry all…
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Assymetric Hearing Loss

Assymetric hearing loss (one ear good and one ear bad) Why two ear is the system to strive for! You would think that if you had one good ear you would do as well hearing and understanding speech as if you had two good ears. But this is not a correct thought and not what…
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25th Mayo Clinic Conference

25th Mayo Clinic conference :   Ear issues (vertigo, tinnitus, hyperacousis, imbalance) in Children from Concussions. ---Jamie Bogle, AuD,PhD. Presents on  Pediatrics and Dizziness – Some research being done in Scottsdale, AZ.  A blog while I am thinking about it: Children with dizziness:  Why would children get dizziness?  Well, let’s think of all the kids playing…
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Let’s get into LOOPING!

If you are like most people that sentence probably did not make any sense at all. Looping? Is it a dance? Something to do with knitting? Going around the block a few more times? Actually, I am referring to hearing loops, or audio induction loops, and this is a great technology that everyone ought to…
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Reasons to Visit Chears Audiology

I was thinking how Chears and myself are important in helping individuals hear better and all of the reasons to visit Chears.  I am very humble, however I was brought up by attorneys so I over think just about everything. I often self-reflect and reflect on the audiology field, which makes me wonder if what we do is of value…
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