Why I am an Audiologist!

My number one reason why I love being an audiologist is to make a difference in people’s lives!  I went into this profession because I am good at working with people one-on-one and have a passion for helping. An audiologist is a trained professional with years and years of schooling to understand how the ear…
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Protecting Your Hearing and Hearing Tests

The ability to hear is important for every person as it helps us to communicate, interact with people, work and socialize. Hearing helps us stay safe while walking on the roads or warning us of any potential danger. Hearing, although sometimes unappreciated, give us the power to lead our lives without any limitations. Exposure to…
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3rd Year Anniversary

Wow it is that time again for an Anniversary celebration! The year went fast. I just read over our 2nd Year Anniversary blog and still feel the same as we continue to help people hear better. Helping people hear better is our goal and doing it with kindness of heart. What amazes me is that…
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Seniors Aren’t All Alike

One of the most subtle, but insidious, forms of ageism in our society today is the negative stereotyping of older adults. Our culture lumps all seniors together to the extent that many younger people say, “They all look alike.” The popular perception is that all old people are stooped (or is it stupid), wrinkled and…
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Which Hearing Aid Would Be Best For Me?

All over  Minneapolis and perhaps all over the world people are asking this question when investigating to purchase a hearing aid. When I talk to my patients at Chears Audiology in St. Louis Park, as they come in for a hearing test and a hearing aid consultation and they ask me that question...”which hearing aid…
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