How the Ear Works

This is an amazing system! The ear is a pretty fascinating piece of human machinery. It is simple yet complicated with many parts that work together to give you the ability to hear. There are three main parts of the ear. The outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. These three parts work…
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Traveling to the City… For Better Hearing

Coming Into The City! Traveling to Chears Audiology located in the heart of Minneapolis is no tall order. Boasting a position that is sweet to the tongue, leaving no taste yearned for, smack dab in the middle of eat street! You will not have to fuss around looking for a place to park because we…
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Hearing Loss Doesn’t Have to be Scary

In this season of ghosts and goblins, it seems there’s a scare around every corner. You can rest easy knowing that of all things that are truly frightening, hearing loss isn’t one of them. Say what? Hearing loss is nothing to fear, after all, it affects 36 million people in the US. About 1 in…
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Famous Musicians with Hearing Problems

You may think you know a lot about your favorite musicians, but one of the last things you might guess is that they have hearing problems. Occupational hazards come with any job and hearing loss is likely high on the list for musicians who frequently play loud music. But not all of them developed it…
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