During Summer Time We Need to Protect our Hearing!

Summer Sounds Protected! Sooner or later summer will be finally and officially upon us and there will be many things to hear. The birds singing their beautiful morning chorus has already begun, and if you are missing it, you are missing out. I employ you to let your actions be intentional as you seek out…
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Why Not Lease Your Hearing Aid Until Your Ready to Buy

Leasing Your Hearing Aid Did you know that you can lease a hearing aid at Chears Audiology? Why not if it is more affordable for you. We lease many things in Minnesota.  We lease cars, we lease phones, computers, work tools, yard tools, tools in generals, apartments, condos, and so many other items.  There is…
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The Audiology Network

Dear Patient, We audiologists around the United States have formed a network of private practice clinics that want to help you with your hearing health care.  Our network of audiologists got together to offer two main services. First, we would like to offer you information shared on our websites and in social media on hearing…
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A birthday Poem for Bao

“Bao- pronounced bow: meaning something special” WOW BAO!   Look in the front she’s a lady, she’s a professional, she’s wow Bao! She comes equipped with personality and flare, a foody if ever we’ve seen one before. Boa is a perfect asset to any office, with a collection of shoes’ that most women can only…
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