It is the Law August 1, 2019 We are coming upon a critical juncture in time where the law will require us to operate behind our vehicles in a hands-free manner. Breaking the habit of driving with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on our phones will not be easy for everyone.…
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Styletto breaks the stigma

There was a time in our glorious past when being able to hear was frowned upon. A weird stigma that many millennials have a hard time understanding. It took time for us to ensure our parents, grandparents and the likes that it was quite okay to hear better and that anyone who thought otherwise should…
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Working together to hear better!

Respect goes a long way! Whenever we are talking with a person with a hearing loss, we want to always treat them with respect. Maybe they were born with a hearing loss or have recently acquired one. Either way it’s important that we talk to the person and not around them. One misconception many people…
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