Older Hearing aid Technology does work!

Old Tech but Still Savvy! Can you successfully operate most of today’s new technology? How about yesteryears technology? I find it quite amazing how today’s generation can navigate some amazing gadgets but if they were given devices from a decade or two ago, their faces would resemble that of confusion and frustration. It’s even similar…
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Our Image of Self Will Remain: Hearing loss matters!

A POEM by Jeffery Bostic As we climb that latter of time things begin to change Our image of self, money, health and quite frankly our brains Holding on to what we can while coping with things lost Remembering the good old days and attempting to cease the moment left Our sense of sound begins…
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…And If YOU Want a Good Referral, I Might Just Have One!

Why I love to pass referrals, and GET referrals from my friends! I like to pass referrals and also I like to get referrals personally and well yeah, Professionally!!  They are important.   More and more people don’t even like to go or do something with out a referral.    I have passed referrals to people on where…
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Why Not Wear The Hearing Devices you Just Bought?

Fighting the Process! Recently we had a patient who came in and got a pair of hearing devices because he is having trouble hearing conversation clearly and TV and his wife.  He was probably, according to him, diagnosed with hearing loss some 20 years ago.  So yay he got a pair. He likes them.  But…
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