OH NO, My Hearing Aid Isn’t Working!

Trouble with my Aid Many times, I have heard people ask the question “What am I doing wrong” and my answer is usually, “let’s take a look and find out.” 😊 When hearing aids are not working properly, chances are you have done nothing wrong. This does not mean you cannot take corrective action and…
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Born and raised to help!

Helping is a lifestyle choice! “I help because I can, because I need to, because I fear if I didn’t the world would cease to exist” I was raised by parents who instilled values in me that would stand the test of time. Taught to respect my elders, pull my weight, and treat others the…
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A New Technology in Hearing: The Hearable!

The Exciting Hearable Can you hearable me now? If that sounds corny, I do apologize but the idea of being able to use a device to help you hear better is ear to stay. Although, these jokes are not quite right for 2019 that does not negate that fact that we are well on our…
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How the Ear Works

This is an amazing system! The ear is a pretty fascinating piece of human machinery. It is simple yet complicated with many parts that work together to give you the ability to hear. There are three main parts of the ear. The outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. These three parts work…
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