Audiology from your own Home

What does staying home for an Audiology appointment look like? In March of 2020, or even a little before that time, Covid-19 virus came to the United States.  We were told to stay home and only essential businesses could serve people.    Audiologists were told we are not essential and I understand that.  Many people,…
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Safety First when coming to Chears, then good hearing

These COVID-19 times are scary, and we want you all to feel safe when you come to see us at Chears! At Chears we have been doing curbside care during these Covid-19 times for those of you who have called and needed something.  We now have been given permission to open with care. There is…
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My Mom Lost Her Hearing Aid Taking Off Her Face Mask

Please be careful when taking off your face mask It is important to wear face masks to protect you and Others from COVID 19. We are learning if someone has corona-virus and wears a face mask, the chances of people exposed to them reduce the chances of getting the corona-virus from 80% to less than…
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COVID -19 Updates: Open Now for Appointments, Please call before you come in. Read what we are doing for your safety Click Here