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The following are Blogs From other private practice Audiologists from across the United States!

Welcome to our Audiology shared Blogs from across the United States!

Yesterday during a unseasonable or unreasonable snow storm in Minnesota I came up with a wonderful idea to share with you all blogs from around the United States, from my peers, important topics in Audiology and hearing health care that they are sharing with their people.   It is true that some of the blogs may not pertain to you, my Minnesota people as they might have to do with wiping the sand off your aids when you are on the beach but I still think you all will find the reads fascinating.

We private practice audiologists will also be in a group with one another to help our patients when traveling.  Then,  if you find yourself in Florida or Arizona, common destinations for us Minnesotans, and want to go to someplace that will work with us at Chears, stay tuned as we will have referrals up on our website soon.

The beauty of the internet has brought many of my peers closer and allows for better service for you all.

Cheers!    Kim E. Fishman, Audiologist

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