…And If YOU Want a Good Referral, I Might Just Have One!

Why I love to pass referrals, and GET referrals from my friends!

I like to pass referrals and also I like to get referrals personally and well yeah, Professionally!!  They are important.   More and more people don’t even like to go or do something with out a referral.    I have passed referrals to people on where to buy a car, where to find good food, where to go and get a message and even to a good doctor with a nice bedside manner.  I love to refer to my finance person and my insurance person.  Don’t you hate it when you go out for a meal and spend even a little money on food that is bad, cold or not very tasty and worse when you get taken for a ride.

You Can Read Reviews Online:

When I go somewhere or am looking for something, I read reviews online if I don’t know anyone who can recommend what it is I am looking for.  The reviews can help.  Not all reviews are trustworthy but if you read carefully, they do help you make-a-decision on if you want to trust this place.

Also, when someone refers me to someone, I feel that the person I am referred to will be better as they have more to lose if they aren’t the best.

When I refer to someone, that person that I refer to will be better to me with kinder lasting awesome service!  Plus isn’t it an awesome way to tell someone that you appreciate them!

I Like to Refer People to someone I like and Trust:

I have referred three people already to my chiropractor.  I have referred more people to my finance person and I truly love my bookkeeper!  They have all helped me and other people who I have referred to them and all have been 100% satisfied.  I think my friends will be happy if I pass the referral plus my Chiropractor, bookkeeper, and finance person will feel great.

We love referrals so much that at Chears we have a referral program!   If you refer someone to us we do offer you a free year supply of batteries or Year supply of service, your choice.   It is the utmost of complements to get a referral from our people.  I try to stay humble about it but it does make my heart swell when someone either reviews us, which is like a referral or sends us one of their friends or family members.

Please know that I totally respect the referral and will treat that referral as I would want someone to treat one of my referrals.

And if you want a good Referral somewhere, I might just have one!  Cheers

Kim E. Fishman, Audiologist

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