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Betsy & Mother Charlotte:

We have been working with Kim for years prior to her starting her own business at Chears. We followed her to Chears as she is wonderful and like part of the family. Kim is accessible and always willing to help my parents out. She is a family friend and we like to go to lunch together. Sometimes we meet at a restaurant and she visits with us. She will go to their home and help them. She is open and available. Sometimes I can bring her my parent’s aids and wait while she cleans them.

-- Betsy

When I first met Kim she was taking care of my husband. My husband kept telling me I needed Kim’s help but I was in denial. I didn’t think I needed her help, but boy was I wrong. I love that Kim has opened her own clinic and love the name Chears. It gives such an uplift. To me, everything is a-okay!

-- Charlotte
Betsy and Charlotte,

Lorraine & Gordon:

We are patients at Chears and I love my new hearing aids. I am more associated with the outside world and makes me more aware of what is going on around me. My new aids pick up tones and voices I hadn’t been able to hear round me. I feel more associated with the outside world then I had been. I am glad to have new technology and Kim made it possible for me to operate, get to know them better and how to work them to suit my satisfaction. Kim gives us excellent service so pleasant. She always offers us coffee and cookies. So homey, we are happy to be her patients.

-- Lorraine

Buying hearing aids from Kim, she gave us a good deal, better than anywhere else. We saved some money, money comes hard sometimes. She gave my wife a special deal to encourage her to hear better. Coming with Lorraine, Kim was so good to her that I realized it is a good place to buy a hearing aid. Good service, better than any place Lorraine had been before. I recommend anyone to come to Chears. Now that we have taken care of our hearing we can hear each other and connect better. I don’t have an excuse “I can’t hear you.” Lorriane said with a laugh “a lot less complicated to keep connected!”

-- Gordon
Lorraine & Gordon,


I am a patient here at Chears Audiology. Recently I got hearing aids and it really does improve your quality of life. I found out what I have been missing when you can hear better. There are a lot of different sounds that you forget even existed. I don’t have a severe hearing loss but the loss that I have is nice to have help. Soft sounds and even whispering which I could not hear better now I can hear with my new hearing aids. First of all there was a misconception I had about hearing aids. I didn’t want to wear boat anchors from my ears as it is about looks for me and I thought hearing aids were ugly. I am conscientious about my looks and actually I found out here at Chears that hearing aids can be quite stylish and the hearing aids I wear you don’t even know I have them in. Kim is very nice to work with, knowledgeable in her field, lots of options to choose from and in picking out a hearing aid for your needs that you want. Once nice thing about wearing hearing aids is not having to say “what” all the time. I know it annoys other people too. All in all this has been a very pleasurable experience and the coffee is great.


My husband and I both had hearing tests at Chears Audiology. We weren't surprised to learn he has a hearing loss, but I was surprised to learn I have a mild loss as well! Kim and her intern Martha were very patient, knowledgeable, did a lot of education with us, and answered my many questions. They made our visit very comfortable and Kim's facility is quite inviting! I have already referred her to friends and will continue to do so.

Paula Pursley,