I wish I could give Kim more than 5 stars. Newly diagnosed with severe hearing loss as a 27 year old woman, I first met Kim as an emotional wreck and still struggling to find the best audio settings in my aids that fit my needs at work. Struggling to find words to explain exactly what I was and was not hearing, tears filled my eyes. Kim wrapped me in the warmest hug and led me to her office where she listened to me explain my situation and then immediately got to work. I will never forget her kindness and compassion, not to mention her exceptional knowledge and skill in her field. Not only did she maximize the sound in my aids, she fit me with perfectly fitting ear buds - remaking the molds until they were perfect. I was in and out of the office many times over the span of a couple months while Kim and I worked on the settings, not happy until she was confident that I was hearing as perfectly as I could. Now, I am able to hear beautifully with comfortable molds, and I can actually call these two women friends. The office is warm and inviting, and they always have some kind of goody or treat prepared for their clients along with water or fresh coffee, and a never-ending supply of genuine smiles that make you feel like they couldn't be happier to see you. Well... I couldn't be happier to have met them.  - Ashley H.

Excellent, warm compassionate care for her patients. Especially my senior dad. Kim is so quick to respond to my concerns and so flexible in her scheduling. So glad to have found Chears. - Kay E.

Kim is fantastic! She is not only knowledgeable about hearing loss and hearing aids, but she is practical and helpful. She explained things simply and made suggestions for improving my hearing and existing hearing aids. Kim is very personable and easy to get along with. Her office is cheerful (with chocolates for everyone). Best of all is that Kim enjoys what she is doing - helping people hear. And she helped me.


Betsy & Mother Charlotte:

We have been working with Kim for years prior to her starting her own business at Chears. We followed her to Chears as she is wonderful and like part of the family. Kim is accessible and always willing to help my parents out. She is a family friend and we like to go to lunch together. Sometimes we meet at a restaurant and she visits with us. She will go to their home and help them. She is open and available. Sometimes I can bring her my parent’s aids and wait while she cleans them.

-- Betsy

When I first met Kim she was taking care of my husband. My husband kept telling me I needed Kim’s help but I was in denial. I didn’t think I needed her help, but boy was I wrong. I love that Kim has opened her own clinic and love the name Chears. It gives such an uplift. To me, everything is a-okay!

-- Charlotte
Betsy and Charlotte,