A Message from a patient

Hello Kim and Martha, or better said, hello my dear Kim and Martha. This is a note to tell you in the midst of a very busy life how much I miss coming to you and enjoying your fellowship (not the right word, let's say friendship) and relishing the needs for ear care that led me to your cheerful (chear-full) office. I am doing well walking in a beautiful botanic gardens three blocks from our home every day and listening to the high pitched birds with great delight. I have an app on my iPhone that not only presents all the birds of North America but gives an example of their song. With my puzzled cat I can now well enjoy these bird songs even artificially sung. My ears seem fine but I also look forward to the care that makes me seem fine. My best to you, and I will probably see you again sometime in May.

Good morning _______! I loved your message and appreciated it so much. I can imagine you there walking in the beautiful weather and enjoying the sounds of the birds and the smells of the flowers. My daughter loves listening to birds and the bird calls. It is great that you can hear the differences. Patients like you reward me and make me feel happy about the work we do and oh I so appreciate you. We miss you too. When we see you again we will know the worst of the winter is over and good things are here. Keep us posted on your hearing health care and anything else and please email me if you need anything. How are you for batteries?

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