Financing & Insurance

Purchasing Hearing aids from us:

Chears has a finance plan were we offer 12 month no interest on all price points with approval. We offer 45 day no risk trial. We offer the manufacturer’s warranty plus 1 year service and batteries. Most importantly Chears offers quality service with stop by visits and no wait times. We are here for you. We have wonderfully hot coffee and cookies or chocolate. We keep you up to date on warranties, hearing test and cleanings. We will take good care of you. You will also be in the loop on all our events to include birthday parties, hearing looping and other fun times.
Purchasing Hearing aids on line or at a warehouse:

Purchasing Hearing aids on line or at a warehouse:

Chears does not recommend that you buy a hearing aid on line. If you do, we do offer fitting and follow up services to help you get the most from a product you bought. If you bought your hearing aid from awarehouse, we may not be able to help you because of proprietary software (they want to keep you there). Proprietary software is never a good thing because then you are tied to that one service and can-not go anywhere else. We often have patients who need help and it isn’t always about the product but the service. We caution you in this category. Come talk to us before you purchase in this situation.
We offer the following payment methods as well as a 12 month 0% financing option

Insurance Coverage

Chears is a provider for many insurance companies that sometimes cover hearing aids. Please call us to see if we are in network with your plan and we can check your benefits. You also should check your benefits. Although we take Medicare, which does not cover hearing aids it will cover a yearly hearing test with an order from your physician. Health Partners and Medica often provides some hearing aid coverage as does Aetna and BCBS. Medicaid Minnesota covers hearing aids and all services. We no longer take Medicaid or Medicaid type insurances. United Health care also has coverage but usually refers to a contract plan—see below. Stay tuned as more insurances are helping out. The Veterans Administration also sends some patients to us!