Wireless Mini Microphones for Connection to Hearing Aids

HR_ChearsAudiology_StLouisParkMN(DA)93460 (1)Most hearing aids are compatible with a small wireless microphone. The intention of the microphone is to bring the source of speech closer to the person who is using the hearing aid.  This allows for the signal to be “at their ear” so that they can hear it better. With-out the microphone the signal passes through the air and is picked up by the microphone on the hearing aid. The person talking may be some distance away and there may be a lot of noise in the room. If on the other hand, the person talking is holding the wireless microphone the sound only needs to travel to that mic that is then delivered to the person’s hearing aid as if that person is talking right into the microphone right on the hearing aid. The signal, in this case, is much clearer due to proximity to the mic and the reduction of the noise that may be in the room.  

The wireless signal is delivered differently among the various microphones. Some are delivered via Bluetooth which may have a delayed signal and some are delivered via an FM signal. Either way, both are efficient.

Not all people need a wireless microphone to hear better in noise. Some hearing losses are so significant that a microphone is critical in hearing speech at any distance and in background noise especially. While many people will benefit from a remote wireless mic, some people with the poorest of hearing need a remote microphone to get the most from hearing  aid. Come listen to a wireless microphone to see if you can benefit!

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