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Chears Audiology brings expert audiologists and state-of-the-art hearing technology to you and your loved ones. We carry all brands, makes and models of hearing aids in MN. Residents who have difficulty hearing with hearing loss rely on for comfortable day-to-day life for what they need. Believe it or not, there are even hearing aids that are affordable for the budget. We meet your needs because we offer many important features and services designed for you – no more, no less

In general we offer:widex colored hearing aid mn

  • Affordable, digital hearing aids
  • 45-day trial period on all new hearing aids
  • A variety of models, styles and manufacturers to choose from
  • Follow-up reprogramming of hearing aids
  • Repair of all makes and styles of hearing aids in MN

Learn about Hearing Aids:

Today’s hearing aids in Minneapolis are amazing tiny computers that are continually improving in their ability to produce clear, natural sound without distortion or feedback. We deal with all major brands, and we work hard to keep up with the latest updates. We attend trainings and a variety of conferences to ensure we know the latest and give you only the best. We also present and educate Minneapolis and the twin city area on hearing, hearing loss, hearing aids, tinnitus and more. There are great products available that are very affordable. You don’t have to go to Costco to get them, we just need to educate you.


In-the-ear Model:

This style has all components in the ear; the speaker, the mics and the computer chip. Because it is in the ear it is more susceptible to wax and moisture. This is because your body is 98.6 degrees or so and the heat can cause moisture. This style usually lasts about 3 to 5 years because of the moisture issue. Some styles of in-the-ear, are invisible-in-the ear, completely-in-the canal, canal, Canal with remote mic, and full shell. Not all styles are appropriate for every type of hearing loss.

Hearing aids for Edina, Bloomington, Minnetonka, Minneapolis, MN, and nearby cities

Behind-the-ear Model:

This style has components behind the ear; the speaker, the mics and the computer chip. This is a standard aid. It delivers sound via a thin tube or a thicker tube depending on your degree Behind-the-ear of hearing loss.

There is a behind the ear model that has the speaker in the ear. This style is called a receiver-in-the-ear. People often like this model because the aid itself is smaller as the speaker is lifted out of the aid and put into the ear. This style is a little more maintenance because the speaker is in the ear it is more susceptible to wax and moisture. Some people feel that it has better sound quality as the speaker is closer to the eardrum.

Behind-the-ear Model

Cros, BiCros Hearing Aid:

This style of hearing aid Bloomington companies make is for those with an un-aidable ear or a “dead” ear. This type can be either an in-the-ear or a behind-the-ear style; a “hearing aid” is fit on the better ear and an off-site mic is placed on the bad ear. The mic on the bad ear sends a signal to the good ear and is amplified appropriately. Because of timing and intensity differences between the two ears, a person feels like they are hearing on the bad ear when actually they are not. Not only is there a perception of hearing, the person is able to hear on the bad side of their head. Also some people can localize better, although it is never normal.


Brands we like:

Chears is not tied in business to any one manufacturer so the products we fit change depending on how great the technology is and what our patient needs. Minneapolis is the home of many hearing aid manufacturer headquarters like Unitron, Resound, Starkey and Starkey branding, Hansaton and others. It is great to be in the back yard of so many manufacturers that offer quality service. We also have access to company reps of manufacturers of hearing aids in Wayzata who frequently provide great service teaching us about their products. Such company reps include Siemens, Phonak and Widex. We favor certain brands on occasion, but only because it is a great sounding and performing device. Come hear what we have to say about any one of them today!

binax with easyTek and App mn


Explanation of Levels of technology:

Hearing aid manufacturers like other industries have different  levels of technology so that those who want more value and do not need the highest level can purchase just what they need.    I always tell my patients to get the best that they can afford.   Hearing is priceless and wanting to hear to the best of your ability in your personal environments is what you want.   So below is the general difference in Basic, Advance and Primmum levels.

Basic Level – Has the current technology in it and so it is not yesteryears technology but today’s technology.  It has technology for hearing in quiet and should sound good.    Basic technology usually includes comfort, a few memory programs, directional microphones, feedback protection, streaming abilities, t-coil for hearing loop and custom fitting.   This is the value level.

Advance technology – Has the current technology in it and everything the basic level has plus usually some speech enhancement technology and noise reduction technology.  Some focus shifting patterns for hearing speech in noise.    

Premium technology – Has the current technology and everything the advance technology has plus ear to ear information, more advance features such as hearing in party environments with multiple talkers, wind features and other special environment features with many shifting focus patterns.  

Our free one week demo:

We are proud of our policy of offering, in most cases, a free one-week trial of demo on hearing aids in Edina. Nothing beats actually trying out the instruments in your own, real-life environment! We think you will be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and helpful they can be.

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