Auditory processing and Aural Rehabilitation

  1. ILS Therapy – Auditory processing therapy
    1. An integrative listening approach – This includes movement, listening and visual stimulation. The approach uses the combination of all these interactions to re-wire your nerves to make better connections. This is a very powerful type of therapy.
    2. Many different programs and schedules available – The program of listening is dependent on the level of processing needed and will be determined at the onset of the program.
    3. Ages 3 to senior – Because there are some more tasks other than listening children 3 and older are best candidates for this therapy. It is a whole body approach and although the listening component is beneficial alone the whole approach shows significantly more improvements. This therapy can be adapted for the older person too. It is good for all.
    4. Whole body therapy in clinic – The whole body approach works on vision, auditory and movement. It is not boring and activates the whole body.
    5. Management of sensory, attention, focus, processing disability - It helps both with processing of auditory stimuli and focus. This can also help seniors who need to hone in on their own focus and strengthen the brain and nerves. Good for anyone who has some challenges. This is a great therapy for children with ADHD or Autism and spectrum disorder.
  2. LACE
    1. Computerized listening therapy for hearing aid users – Works on auditory skills. The person is given feedback and helps to train the listener to what the sound or word being heard. It is great fun and has been shown to improve the benefit of hearing aid use.
    2. Included in many hearing aid fittings – There are lots of sessions available and many different skill levels.
  3. Aural Rehab
    1. Individualized therapy for children who have significant hearing loss – This is a private therapy for children who are profound hearing loss. Working on an individualized approach, focusing on patterns of speech, intonation, and distinguishing words and sounds in context.

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