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Chears Audiology Minneapolis dispenses all makes and models of hearing aids some of which are: GnResound, Phonak, Siemens, Starkey, Unitron and Widex. Chears Audiology is also trained in ILS Therapy and has various products.

  • colored hearing aids chears audiologyHearing Aids - Available to order all brands, makes, models and styles - Competitive pricing from warehouse prices to top product prices. Remember a hearing aid is a product and most products are pretty good. It isn’t always about the product but about how to fit it and the service. It is also understanding the product that you purchase and having realistic expectations about that product.

  • Earmolds - Chears makes all kinds of ear molds. We make the impression with first putting in a cotton block to protect your ear drum and use silicone based impression materials that will harden in a few minutes. This makes a beautiful impression. We send our impressions to reputable ear mold labs. Types of molds created are hearing aid ear molds, musician molds, swim molds, noise protection, inter-ear monitors and much much more.
    • ear swim mold chears audiology mnSwim Molds - These are good if you need to keep water out of your ear canal or you just don’t like water in your ear canal. They come in a variety of colors and float.
    • Musician Molds and Filters - filter strengths vary to keep the sound level down while still hearing all the pitches. Filters can be a different attenuation of up to 25dB down to 9 dB attenuation.
    • Hearing Protection for Noise - a custom made option with as much attenuation as 29 dB.

  • Streamers and Assisted Listening Devices
    • Streamers - these are pieces that help bring music or phone to your hearing aids. Some streamers are blue tooth and others a proprietary to the hearing aid company. All hearing aid products have some form of streamer available. Come learn about them and which is best for you.
    • Assistive listening devices – include streamers but are also products like hearing aid compatible and close caption phones, louder alarms and clocks, tv devices and more. Come learn about them and what you might need.
    • T-coil – This is a component that is included in many hearing aids. Please inquire about the t-coil and thus the hearing loop. For more information go to our hearing loop
  • hearing protection st louis park mnHunters protection and hearing – These is such a thing as hunters ears or shooters ears. These are a hearing device that has mild gain for hearing soft sounds but also protect your hearing. These only really work for normal to mild hearing losses. Call to inquire.
  • ILS Pillow and Product (http://www.integratedlistening.com/pillow/) – These are products that help with auditory processing and calming. Please call and inquire into this product. These are great for children or adults who have sleep issues.
  • Hearing Aid Batteries - We carry all hearing aid battery sizes and we offer great prices that are lower than the drug store. We also carry the Power one batteries. Not all batteries are created equal.
  • ear-wax-guards-chears-audiology-st-louis-parkWax Guards - These are little traps that are put on the end of receivers to stop the wax from coming into the receiver and blocking the receiver. When your wax trap is filled your hearing aid will appear like it is not working, but it is, it is the wax trap needing to be changed. Simply change this when it gets plugged. We carry more and most brands.
  • Wax Kit - This is a popular supply here at Chears. Almost everyone has wax and sometimes too plugging. Our wax kits are safe and easy to use. Painless too. We will go over how to use them and follow up with you to make sure your ear is clear. You don’t need to go to a doctor’s office with a large copay to have water sprayed in your ear. If it is too plugged for us to remove we send you home with an inexpensive option.
  • Tubing Air Blower - this is an inexpensive tool to clean out ear mold tubing. Sometimes the tubing gets filled with moisture bubbles from a warm body to wax and simply pushing some air through it takes care of the issue. A great cleaning product.
  • dry aid kit chears audiologyDry Aid Kit – A great way to keep moisture from accumulating in your hearing aid. Water can cause damage to the battery contacts and the little computer in your aid. These kits when used correctly do the trick. We have a few brands in stock.

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