Kim Fishman

As an Audiologist licensed by the state of Minnesota, Ms. Kim Fishman now draws from over 15 years of experience providing quality hearing healthcare to run her own private practice.


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Hearing Aids

Finding the right hearing aid can be a difficult and confusing process. Let us help you find the perfect fit with the style, comfort and functionality that is right for your lifestyle.

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What did you say?

Without taking a hearing test, you may have difficulty identifying whether or not you have a true hearing loss. It could really be true that your friends and family mumble and/or do not speak clearly. Or it could be that the background noise in your home or workplace is unusually loud. Perhaps the TV is malfunctioning. Or you could have a one-time treatable problem like a build up of wax in your ear or even fluid behind the ear drum. But if you find yourself asking "what did you say?" too often, a simple visit to Chears Audiology will tell you what you need to know about your hearing.


At Chears Audiology we will check your ears for wax and/or fluid behind the ear drum, all at no charge. We will give you a free screening to see if you have a hearing loss and to evaluate its severity. We will make a recommendation as to whether a full diagnostic evaluation is warranted. And then it will be up to you!

Stop in today for a free cup of coffee and a free screening. We would love to have you!